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Images of the New WCS & WCSC Stages


                    WCS (West Coast Steel) Monthly Matches

               will be held on the 1st Saturday of every month




      As of January 2014 – The ISI West Coast Steel ranges  have seven new steel stages designed to be shooter friendly, challenging, fun and family oriented.  The new stages are geared to be faster by increasing the size and placement of the targets in the stages.  By having seven stages, the match can also be negotiated with less rounds and take less time to complete.  All seven stages have one shooting box, so there is no movement of the shooter during the strings of fire.  This, also, saves time and is less confusing to newer competitors.  The general idea is to make the course of fire more fun, simpler to complete and require less ammo.


     The 2017 Briley WCSC (West Coast Steel Championships), June 24-25, in Piru, will be the same courses of fire as the West Coast Steel monthly matches.



WCS Stage Diagrams




                           AVAILABLE AT THE WEST COAST STEEL MATCH


The West Coast Steel match has the option to be shot as a long course

(7 stages) or a short course (4 stages).  All divisions are available in the long or short course competition.


The short course is intended for those who desire a shorter time period to compete, and requires 75 rounds less than the full course.  It is also a good place for competitors new to steel shooting to get started, and they can compete in the Centerfire Low Ready position if desired.  Centerfire Low Ready does not require drawing from a holster.


The stages for the short course are:  Straight Steel, Spray & Pray, Pick It Up (as of 9/12/2015) and Good, Bad and Ugly.