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                 Speed Gun Shooting at ISI Shootists





     The ZEV Technologies (Glockworx) ISI Speed Gun match at ISI Shootists is intended to provide a competition where all types of centerfire non-magnum handguns with whatever type of safe holster you choose (except shoulder, ankle, behind the back... holsters because of range safety requirements) can compete in a fun, safe and challenging environment. The courses of fire will be designed to pose strategic problems for the shooter to solve and will reward overall speed of shooting and speed of movement.


     There will not be a power factor requirement. You may shoot whatever factory or hand loaded ammunition you wish.


     In general, there will be five stages requiring 25-30 rounds 125-150 rounds will be needed for the match.


     The scoring system will be classic "Comstock;" score divided by time, without  a separate penalty for a missed shot. Hits on "no-shoot" targets will each incur a 10 point penalty. When targets are scored "best two hits to count," as a scoring bonus, any target that has three or more hits with at least one being in the "A" zone will be considered "smoked" and will be scored the maximum points available for the target.


     In order to insure consistency of scoring and rule interpretation, ISI range officers will conduct each stage.


     As at the other ISI Shootists club matches, you may sign-up at any time between 8:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., may shoot the stages without having to be assigned to a squad, in any order, at your convenience, and are not required or expected to set-up or to tear-down any stages or props. We believe you come to a match to have fun and learn, not to work.




    ZEV Technologies (Glockworx) is the sponsor of the ZEV ISI Speed Gun matches.  As the overall sponsor, ZEV is partnering with other industry companies to award monthly, random drawing prizes to Speed Gun competitors.  Some of the companies already on board are  Turner's Outdoorsman, TARAN TACTICAL Innovations, U.S. Optics and Rockstar Energy drinks.


     There will be a number of prizes that will be awarded in a 10:00 A.M. random drawing held each month.  For some of the prizes you will not need to be present to win but the prize must be claimed by the next months match.  No one will be allowed to claim your prize for you.  The purpose of these drawings is to encourage regular participation in the ZEV ISI Speed Gun matches.  Each month also, some of the prizes will be awarded by drawing names until a winner is called.


     ZEV Technologies will be awarding a Custom Racegun by random drawing in December.  There will also be other high value prizes for the special December drawing.  For the year end drawing, you will receive a ticket for every ZEV ISI Speed Gun match you entered and it includes the January and February Speed Gun matches.


     ZEV’s sponsorship is taking local competitive shooting to a whole new level that will grow the program, give shooters even more reason to come to the range and make the ZEV ISI Speed Gun match a place to be for competition shooting at its best.